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Fortress EVault MAX 18.5kWh Lithium Battery


Fortress EVault MAX 18.5kWh Lithium Battery



The newest innovative Lithium Iron Phosphate battery from Fortress Power is the eVault Max 18.5 kWh. An all-in-one solution for your residential and commercial needs. Scalable up to 370kWh with a serviceable top cover access to make installation of this battery simple and worry free. The eVault Max is AC/DC coupled to solar arrays and works for many applications that require solar storage, including Off-Grid, Back Up power, self-supply and Peak Charge Reduction just to name a few.

  • Safe Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology (LiFeP04)
  • High durability and long-lasting
  • Closed loop communication with inverters
  • Scalable from 18.5kWh-370kWh
  • Intelligent digital processor based BMS
  • Advanced cell level monitoring and balancing

Technical Features:

  • Large touch screen LED display
  • Sleek IP55 industrial-grade aluminum
  • Front-serviceable cover
  • Transportable on wheels


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